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We can help you turn your precious memories into a meaningful symbol of a special life.  From large estate memorials to small cremation markers, you will have our personal attention in creating this everlasting tribute.

We have many different styles, sizes and colours to choose from.  These are just a few examples of what we can provide.



We design, manufacture and sell beautiful cemetery memorials.

We specialize in monuments of classic beauty and elegance, offering award winning designs and unmatched quality.

Also known as headstones or tombstones, these memorials are crafted from solid granite of the highest quality.



These markers sit level with the ground.  Whether large or small we still take time and care to help you create a personal tribute.

Sometimes called footstones, these memorials can be either bronze or granite.



Customize your memorial with ceramic photos that are unconditionally guaranteed against fading, breakage, theft and vandalism.

Sudbury Memorial Works now offers a wide selection of beautiful cremation urns in wood, brass and granite.  We also have available memorial grade vases and candle holders, unique bronze or granite sculptures, and granite flowerbed borders.

Natural stones, boulders, river rocks or quarried granite can be used to create beautiful one of a kind garden or landscaping accents.  From large stones that mark street addresses or delicate butterflies in a flowerbed to granite benches, we do it all and more.

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