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We design, manufacture and sell beautiful cemetery memorials, from large estates to small cremation markers. You will have our personal attention in creating this everlasting tribute.

For more than a century, the Ruff Family has been creating beautiful monuments. You can find samples of our work throughout Sudbury and area cemeteries.

We can help you turn your precious memories into a meaningful symbol of a special life.


- Size/Style/Type affects cost the most.

- Quality/Grade/Colour of granite vary greatly. Our granites come from all over the world and each has unique properties that affect how well they work for each job. We prefer to work with Made In Canada memorials from Rock Of Ages.

We offer a full range of colours and qualities to suit your needs.

- Special shapes/cuts/extra polishing.  Many shapes don't affect the cost. However, cutting and polishing some special shapes can take a lot of hand work.


INSCRIPTION - we can add lettering to existing memorials, either in the cemetery or in our manufacturing facility. Our "in cemetery" lettering prices start around $230.

RESTORATION - straighten fallen or leaning memorials, clean years of pollution and dirt from older stones.

Our environmentally friendly cleanings start around $100 for small memorials.

Straightening a leaning or fallen small headstone can be a few hundred dollars.

PLOT MAINTENANCE - keep your cemetery plot looking its best.


CERAMIC PHOTOS - We offer custom made ceramic memorial photos that are unconditionally guaranteed.

MONUMENT ACCESSORIES - We sell vases, candle holders, flower beds, custom sculpture and more.

URNS - We offer wood, brass, and granite urns and many other cremation accessories.

PLAQUES - Commemorative bronze or granite plaques are available for any occasion.

PET MEMORIALS - Many types of affordable memorials for our faithful companions.

GARDEN ROCKS - Decoration, dedication or in memory of, these beautiful additions are perfect for any natural setting.

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